Election Day is March 28th

Vote Eleana Colby for Selectboard

I want to bring a culture of integrity, transparency, and respect back to our Selectboard and that means bringing together the community.   

I have been a proud Bow Resident for 20 years, and my husband for more than 40. We have enjoyed watching our five amazing children grow in this beautiful town. We have raised an Auditor, Lead Department Supervisor, and a US Army Soldier.  Two of our children are still pursuing their big dreams and bright futures in our amazing School District! 

I want to bring the culture of integrity, transparency, and respect back to our Select Board and that means bringing together the community.  I have been fortunate to be a stay-at-home mom for the past four years. Previously, I worked in the automobile industry. My extensive experience in this industry taught me that to get the very best deal, you must do your research and ask questions. Unfortunately, some on the Selectboard have little interest in acquiring the best deals for our community.  Whether it be for Water Expansion Projects, Developments, Recreational Areas, or a Cell Tower. We deserve Selectmen that will ask the right questions and make educated, ethical decisions on Bow’s behalf. 

Some of the most fulfilling work I have done has been serving the people of Bow. I have proudly served as Little League Coach and President, PTO President and Fundraising Coordinator, and a Paraprofessional in the Special Education Department at Bow High School.  Teamwork was essential for all of these organizations to run successfully.   I have seen the good we can do when we come together as a community.  I look forward to bringing this ideal back to the Board of Selectmen and I hope I count on your support on March 28th.